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“#1- Beach Road” $90
(Add just +$75 for a second car, and only +$65 for your third car)

“#2- Bridge Road” $80
(+$55 for each added car)

“#3- Federal Hwy / US1” $70
(+$50 for each adde car)

“#4- Old Dixie Hwy” $60

“#5- Olympus Street” $50

* prices do not include tax, see store for pricing details


       Our Unlimited Monthly Pass provides members with unlimited hassle & worry-free washing for one low monthly fee. Enjoy the speed and convenience that a membership brings with no long-term contract. Members can wash as often as they like and feel good knowing they’re always driving a clean and shiny car.

       In addition to always driving a clean car, our Unlimited Monthly Packages benefits includes discounts on detail services. With a range of package options, you can choose the car wash that gets your car shining. There is no contract required and you can join or cancel anytime.  Join by signing up ay your next visit at Islands Auto Spa!

Terms & Conditions:

Membership fee will be automatically billed to your credit or debit card each month.  Each month thereafter until such time as the agreement is terminated by you or by Islands Auto Spa. The monthly payment will be billed on the first day of every month.  First month will be prorated depending on your sign up date. This program cannot be combined with any other programs or discounts including but not limited to: gift cards and/or coupons. We reserve the right to close due to inclement weather or equipment issues. Islands Auto Spa reserves the right to modify or cancel this program or any membership at any time.  Membership is transferable upon purchase of a new vehicle and upon notice to Islands Auto Spa.  To cancel your membership, form must be signed at Islands Auto Spa.

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